• Freedom Fertility Formula

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    Struggling to conceive is one of the hardest things a person will ever have to face. To make matters worse, the very impact of a difficult fertility journey can prevent pregnancy from actually happening. Not to forget the harm it does to a person’s life and their mental health and emotional well-being.

    The purpose of this training is to teach you through a healing process. Working through the following modules to enable you to take control of your fertility journey

    FIRST AID – Taking you out of the ’emergency state’ and taking back control over your fertility journey.  capacity to enable you to move from ‘Cope’ to ‘Hope’

    EMOTIONS – Understanding how your emotions are trying to guide you and using them in a pro-active instead of reactionary way

    REPROGRAMMING – Remove outdated ‘route maps’ and replacing them with ones that are useful for your fertility success

    TACTICS – The Stay Strong Session – teaching you how to handle external factors out of your control.

    IMAGINATION – You will now be strong enough to use your imagination to aid mind/body connections.

    LIBERATION – Reflection/Review/Next Steps

    Extra sessions for IVF and Newly Pregnant

    What does having Feel Right Emotional Empowerment fell like?

    • Knowing you are able to consciously and intuitively make the best decisions for you based on what is right for you and not what others believe.
    • No longer self-sabotaging your inner peace with thoughts in your head.
    • Knowing how to protect yourself from the emotional impacts of the outside world
    • Living life on your terms, no matter what’s happening in your present, has gone on in your past, or is coming up in your future.
    • Knowing you can emotionally handle all aspects of life even through times of adversity.